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Bobbin Dyeing Machine For Small Production ATC DYE BB16F

air-pad system – Steam heated – Material carrier for bobbins, fabrics, narrow fabrics , loose fibres, hanks, stripes and zipper bands dyeing is a HT / HP (4.8 bar 140°C) sample dyeing machine. Thanks to its suitable apparatus, it provides the opportunity to make small production and sample trials.

Technical Specifications
General Material Cr -Ni Stainless Steel
Heating Type Steam Heating
Machine Capacity 4-16 Bobbin
Gradient 0,5 – 5 C/min
Cooling Type Water Circulation
Water Inlet Pressure 2-3 Bar
Air Inlet Pressure Filtreted 6 Bar
Steam Pressure 4-5 Bar
Steam Power Avarage 70 Kg/min.
Circulation Pump 40 lts/min/kg
Dosing Pump 0,55 Kw, 2800 d/min
Power Supply 380V, 50 HZ