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Flexy Yarn Package Dyeing Machine With Coupling ATC-DYEBB0X

From single to multi kiers HT – HP dyeing machine (4,5 bars 140°C) working in air-pad system – Steam heated – Material carrier for bobbins, fabrics, narrow fabrics , loose fibres, hanks, stripes and zipper bands. Suitable apparatus for small production and sampling trial. Modular construction of of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 kiers with all possible connections between the kiers. Each kier can be charged with different type of materials and has a volume from 10 up to 25 (FLEXY 1B,2B,3B), 40 (FLEXY 4B,5B) and 50 (FLEXY SPECIAL) litres.

Flexy Yarn Package Dyeing Machine With Coupling ATC-DYEBB0X

Technical Specifications
Temperature Range from 20 to 140°C
Type of Heating Steam Heating
Gradient from 0,3 to 6°C/dak.
Cooling Water Circulation
Water Inlet Pressure 1,5 ~ 4 Bar
Air Inlet Pressure Filtered 6 Bar
Steam Pressure 5 ~ 8 Bar
Steam Power Max 40Kg/hour
Circulation Pump 40 lt/min/kg
Dosing Pump 0,25KW, 2,8 liter/min
Voltage 400V 50Hz +15/-20

The main feature of this machine is a perfect reproducibility from small to bulk production
Each kier is equipped with the following devices:

The kier is built with a removable spindle and suitable package press-loading / package removal device. The available internal kier diameters are: 200, 220, 250 or 270 mm; other available upon request. Each kier can be charged from 1 kg to 15 kgs (according to kier dimensions).
Safety interlock device allows opening lid in safety conditions.
İs a STAINLESS steel pump fitted with a vidia rotating/carbon stationary mechanical seal. All o rings are in VITON. The pump is driven by its own high efficiency motor.
Pump is small volume so low liquor ratio is guarantee even at minimum load
The liquid flow will be controlled by the change of way valves direction which is linked to the controller to give the required duration for flow reversals. The pump speed is programmable on both directions through an inverter.
Steam heating.
The kier will be ccooled by circulation of cold water through a jacket around the kier; controlled by electro-valves
Normal drainage valves are fitted to the machine at the lowest point of the system so that the whole machine is SELF-DRAINING in either case.

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Flexy Yarn Package Dyeing Machine With Coupling ATC-DYEBB0X

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