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Textile Laboratory Equipments

Shrinkage Test Cabinet FT-200-XL

FT 200 XL, designed to control the shrinkage of fabrics in the laboratory environment with its 50x50cm and 70x70cm machine options, provides testing of more than one fabric at critical temperatures at the same time by applying the laying method.

Technical Specifications
Working Temperature Milieu Temp / 200 C
Temp Adjustment and Reading Sensitivity 1 C / min
Heating Gradient 10 C / min.
Heater Type SR Rezistans/6 KW
Control System PID Microprocessor
Timer 0-1000 min. / unlimited working
Useful Volume 250 lt
Shelf Pcs. 10 pcs
Air Circulation Capasity 750 m3/h
Safety By Adjustable Mechanical Thermostad
Power Supply 380 V, 50 Hz
Total Power 6.3 KW
Weight 200 kg