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Textile Laboratory Equipments

Automatic Mixer MX-03P

MX-03P used in dye, salt, soda, chemical and printing paste mixing and preparation processes in textile and chemistry laboratories. Stroke, RPM and time adjustment are possible. It is suitable for mixing, emulsifying, homogenising, breaking up and dissolving. It has an adjustable mixing speed of 2800 rpm with a capacity from 3 liters to 30 liters.

Technical Specifications
General Material Cr-Ni Stainless Steel
Mixing Capacity 30 lt.
Plactic Can Height 540 mm
Mixing Speed 0-1400 rpm
Mixing Movement Range 450 mm
Mixing Time 0……999 dk. programmable
Electric Motor 0,37 kW
Total Power 0,4 kW
Power Supply 220V / 50 Hz
Air Pressure Required 6 Bar
Weight 45 kg

*The machine is made completely stainless steel and do not harmed by water and chemical products.

*The mixer speed can be regulated according to the differet solution density and can be observed on digital screen.

*The mixing time can be regulated on programmer and you can save time and energy.