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Laboratory Type Coating Unit ATC-RKL40

The laboratory coating device type «RKL40» is used to coat single material samples. Coating is performed on Roller , on air(between rollers) or in front of Roller. Coating blade with 1? radius as standart. Dr. Blade for Foam Coatings is available upon request. Precise adjustment of coating thickness and stepless blade angle between -30?/+30? allows to make all variations during process.

SKU ATC-RKL40 Category
Technical Specifications
Max. Sample Size 285*340 mm
Blade Width 300 mm
Blade Angle +/- 30º  Adjustable
Working on Cylinder Max. 5 mm
Working Between Two Cylinders Max. 5 mm
Cylinder Diameter 40 mm (2 pcs.)
Sizes 600*640*355 mm
Weight 32 kg

*Adjustable blade angle

*Desktop design and easy of use