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Laboratory Dryer and Coating Unit GK 40RKL

GK 40RKL Allows you to the test the effects of pass and other types of drying and coating machines in your business in lab enviroment. With Flap system that directs the air circulation, air can be applied on the sample only from the bottom and top.

Technical Specifications
Working Temperature Milieu Temp. – 250 °C
Heating Type SR. Resistance / 6 kW
Heating Capacity 6 kW
Cooling Type Air
Max Sample Size (Drying) 300 x 400 mm
Max Sample Size (Coating) 290 x 320 mm
Coating Automatic 0,4-4 m/dk
Blade Width 300 mm
Blade Angle +/- 30 adjustable
Working on Cylinder 5mm Max
Working Between Two Cylinders 5mm Max
Cylinder Diameter 40 mm (2 pcs)
Flue Gas Circulatig Fun Max 60 m3/h
Circulation Fan 1700 m3/min
Control 128 x 64 Pixel, Backlight PID, PLC Control
Capacity of Memory 40 Program
Weight 300 Kg
Power Supply 380V, 50Hz
Total Power 7 kW
Safety Mechanical Thermostat