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Washing and Dry Cleaning Fastness Test Unit ATC-YK8/12/16

Washing Fastness Tester is used widely for determining color fastness of textile materials to washings. The color fastness of textile material is determined by way of mechanical hesitation of a specimen of textile with the piece of specified adjacent fabrics in Standard Soap Solution followed by rinsing and drying. Thereafter, the change in color of specimen and stains of the adjacent fabrics are assessed with standard grey scale. Test ar edone also with Multifiber Test Fabrics.

Wash And Dry Cleaning Fastness Test Unit ATC-YK8/12/16

It is made according to TS 473. Samples of 10×4 cm dimensions (as many as the number of colors) are taken from each lot of fabric. On the other hand, for each sample, 4 pieces of 10×10 cm sized 300 + 50 g/m² plain knitted cotton cloth, unpainted, unfinished and containing no chemical residues, are taken. Two of these cloths are sewn together and two bags of 10×10 cm are prepared. After 10 steel balls are placed in these bags, their mouths are sewn. These bags, which carry steel balls, are placed in the washing machine’s container together with the sample. Add 200 ml of perchlorethylene into the container. The mouth of the container is closed and processed in the machine at 30°C for 30 minutes. The sample is taken out, excess solvent is removed with blotting papers or centrifuged and dried with hot air at 65 + 5°C. Color change is evaluated with a gray scale. To determine the staining degree of the solvent, a 3.5 x 3 cm filter paper is impregnated with the dyed inspection solution. It is laid out on a glass and dried at room temperature in a draft-free place under a perforated metal sheet. The color that gets darker due to evaporation in places that coincide with the holes of the plate is evaluated as flowing with the help of gray scale. The same operations are done with Multifiber.

Machine YK-8 YK-12 YK-16
General Material Cr-Ni Stainless Stell Cr-Ni Stainless Stell Cr-Ni Stainless Stell
Work Temperature 35-95 C 35-95 C 35-95 C
Heating Capacity 7,5 kW 7,5 kW 7,5 kW
Heating Speed 4 C/min 4 C/min 4 C/min
Cooling Speed 4 C/min 4 C/min 4 C/min
Working Speed 8-40 rpm 8-40 rpm 8-40 rpm
Weight 105 kg 105 kg 120 kg
Sizes 590 mm * 770mm * 710 mm 590 mm * 770mm * 710 mm 750 mm *730 mm * 770 mm
Water Volume For Bath 70 lt 70 lt 90 lt
Power Supply 380 VAC 380 VAC 380 VAC
Total Power 7,7 kW 7,7 k W 9 kW