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Sample Drying Cabinet ATC-FT-200

High Performance Ovens ise engineered to meet the most critical temperature requirements. They are designed for continuous drying operations at temperatures up to 240°C. Horizontal air flow provides fast heat-up and recovery and ensures rapid drying. Heated air is continuously circulated by turbo blower. A high temperature gasket door seal eliminates air leakage and ensures longer gasket life while being subjected to extreme operational temperatures.

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Sample Drying Cabinet ATC-FT-200

Technical Specifications
Work Temperature Milieu / 200°C
Temperature Set and Reading Sensitivity 1°C
Heating Speed 10°C /min.
Controller Single Program Memory PID Microprocessor
Timer 0…..999 min. + Unlimited Working
Useful Volume 200 lt
Shelf Pcs. 5 Pcs.
Internal Material CR-Nİ Stainless Stell
Air Circulation 750 m3 / hour
Safety Mechanical Thermostad
Sizes 753*820*1465 mm
Weight 170 kg
Total Power 4,5 kW
Power Supply 380V , 50Hz