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Piece (Garment) Dyeing Machine ATC-DYE HT PRC05F/25F

Garment dyeing is the process of dyeing fully (pants, sweaters,clothes, bathrobes, jackets, shirts, skirts, lace) are used for the dyeing process of clothes. It is a process made in response to the manufacture of end products from traditional dyed fabric.Part dyeing machines work with the principle of dyeing textile end products by slowly rotating them in a fixed bath with a perforated rotating drum. The rotary perforated drum can be divided into sections as required. HT Drum Dyeing Machines provide process opportunity up to 140 C.

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Piece (Garment) Dyeing Machine ATC-DYE HT PRC05F/25F

General Material Cr-Ni Stainless Stell Cr-Ni Stainless Stell /td>
Machine Capacity 5 kg 25 kg
Max. Temp. 140 C 140 C
Heating Type Steam Exchanger Steam Exchanger
Working Pressure 2,7 Bar 2,7 Bar
Bath Ratio 01:10 01:10
Roller Speed max. 40 rpm max. 40 rpm
Circulation Pump 1,5 Bar 1,5 Bar
Dosing Pump 2 Bar 2 Bar
Add Tank Capacity 13 lt 20 lt
Control Full Auto Full Auto
Power Supply 380 V, 50 Hz 380 V, 50 Hz
Total Power 2 kW 3,2 kW