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Laboratory Type Horizontal Padder ATC-FY350

The Horizontal padder type FY-350 can be used for dyeing and finishing small material samples. The discontinuous FY-350 can be equipped with winding and unwinding rollers. The rollers can be easily put on DI05 Rotary waiting stationary and the whole continuus padbatch process can be made. Precise pressure adjustment helps to handle the nip pressure and unifromity easy.

Laboratory Type Horizontal Padder ATC-FY350

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General Material Cr-Ni Stainless Stell
Roller Width 350 mm
Cylinders Diameter 120 mm
Roller Hardness 70 shor
Test Specimen max. 300 mm
Working Speed 0,5-15 m/min
Working Pressure 1-6 Bar
Volume of Paint 400 ml
Total Power 0,85 kW
Power Supply 220 V , 50Hz
Sizes 1005*710*685 mm
Weight 105 kg
Dok Stick min 30 mm.
Max Dok Diameter 120mm.