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ICI Pilling And Snagging Test Unit ATC-BNC02/04

The pilling and looping tester with 2 or 4 moving boxes determines pilling and loop pulls on the fabric from normal wear at a certain time. With its specially designed control mode feature, there are also options to enter the test cycle, to rotate the boxes at 30 rpm and 60 rpm in standard mode in straight direction, With the special controller, the rotation speed at 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 65 and 70 rpm is also available. It is possible to apply internationally accepted tests on cork coated standard boxes.

ICI Pilling And Snagging Test Unit ATC-BNC02/04

Technical Specifications
Box Qty 2-4
Control Programmable Micoprosesor
Rotating Speed 15-70 rpm Adjustable
Total Power 0,18 Kw
Power Supply 220 V


BS 5811

EN ISO 12945-1

IWS TM 152

M&S P 18A

M&S P 18B

M&S P 21A

ICI 444