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Dry Oven FT-100

FT 100 Drying Cabinet is a high performance machine for drying samples and similar sized materials. In the textile industry; It leaves a relax drying effect on the samples during the drying phase of the samples and the formulation can be formed between the drying process. The machine can be easily used in terms of size in the laboratory and at business.

Machine; Managed by a digital microprocessor that can store a program consisting of temperature and time in its memory. When the temperature condition is met, the timer is automatically activated to ensure process integrity.

Technical Specifications
Working Temperature Milieu Temp / 200°C
Temperature Sensor (J) Thermocouple
Temp Adjustment and Reading Sensitivity 1°C
Control System PID Microprocessor
Timer 0…..999 min. / Unlimited Working
Useful Volume 70 lt
Shelf Pcs. 3 pcs. (Adjustable Height)
Internal Material CR-Nİ Stainless Steel
External Material Powder Painted Sheet
Air Circulation Mixer Fan
Safety By Adjustable Mechanical Thermostad
Weight 60 kg
Total Power 1 kW
Power Supply 220V, 50Hz

*Height adjustable shelf
*Term or indefinite work options