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Crockmeter (Rubbing Fastness) Tester ATC-CRM01/02

Available as CRM01 Automatic or CRM02 Manuel version. Crockmeter is used for testing the transference of color from the surface of one material to another by either wet or dry rubbing. Helps to Determine the fastness value according to the descirption made in ISO EN 105 or AATCC. All kind of Samples can be easiliy placed and hold by a polyacarbon holder and frcitionless surface.

Crockmeter (Rubbing Fastness) Tester ATC-CRM01/02

CRM-01 (Crockmeter with Motor) AUTOMATIC CRM-02 (Manuel Crockmeter) MANUAL
Shoe Diameter 16 mm 16 mm
Friction Weight 9 N 9 N
Friction Test Fabric 5*5 cm 5*5 cm
Movement Distance 104 mm +/-2 mm 104 mm +/-2 mm
Test Specimen 25*5 cm 25*5 cm
Sizes 240*640*360 mm 75*640*265 mm
Weight 13,2 kg 4,5 kg
Control Digital Counter Mechanical Counter
Power Supply 220 V , 50 Hz
* ISO 105X12 D02
* BS 1006 D02
* AATCC 8/165
* BS EN 20105
* M&S C8
DIN 54012